Door Entry Systems

How Much Control Do You Have Over Access to Your Premises?

Intercom Systems

We specialize in installing door entry systems highly valued by businesses in Cornwall. As authorized Paxton installers and leading experts in audio and video intercom systems, we strongly advocate for these cost-effective and easily managed door entry solutions.

Digital door entry intercoms offer exceptional convenience, featuring straightforward installation and unmatched effectiveness. By enabling both visual and auditory communication with visitors through the intercom, they eliminate the need for multiple key handlers or code-knowledge holders.

With extensive experience in designing and installing business access control systems, we’ve consistently remained at the forefront of IP intercom technology. Whether it’s a simple one-button audio access system or a complex multiple-room installation, we have the expertise to meet your Cornwall-specific requirements.

Standalone Systems

Preferred by businesses in Cornwall, our door entry systems are a popular choice for access control in establishments of all sizes. These versatile systems cater to small buildings with 1-10 doors and larger commercial buildings with up to 100 doors. Programmed individually at each door, they offer two levels of security:

Low-Risk Access: Compact medium secure systems are ideal for internal doors in small businesses, effectively managing access to staff rooms or storage areas. The lock control electronics are integrated into a numbered keypad, swipe card reader, or proximity reader, ensuring easy installation and a cost-effective approach to access control.

High-Risk Access: Switch2 high-secure systems provide robust security measures. Utilizing separate electronic control units positioned on the inside of the door to prevent tampering, these systems are best suited for external access to buildings and high-risk access points within internal spaces.

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Networked Systems

Paxton’s Net2 System offers exceptional value for businesses in Cornwall. Its advanced PC-based system provides full control over building access, with the capability to control hundreds of doors for up to 50,000 users, all while ensuring top-notch security.

Main benefits of the Net2 network access system:

Centrally controlled by multiple users The secure Net2 Lite PC software gives designated security officers full control over the system, allowing instructions to be sent to the doors with immediate effect. 

Flexible access permissions Adding or removing users and changing access permissions are all managed through the PC software. Security officers can create permissions for ID cards or key fobs to control access for staff and visitors to specific areas of the building. 

Real-time reporting Monitoring current building occupants and tracking entry history for specific days are made easy with real-time reporting. Additionally, users can detect if a door is jammed open or if force has been applied to a door.

Our engineers and support team understand the high regard for these door entry systems among businesses in Cornwall. They possess in-depth product knowledge and can customize access settings individually or by department, ensuring a straightforward setup. Additionally, access to all buildings within multiple locations on the same network can be centrally controlled through secure PC software. Reach out today to inquire, and one of our experts will respond within 24 hours.