Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems Cornwall Businesses Choose to Protect Their Premises

Wired Alarm Systems

Cornwall-based businesses often opt for wired burglar alarm systems, especially during property renovations or new constructions due to time constraints associated with installation. Unlike wireless alternatives, wired setups accommodate a wider range of detection devices.

At Alarmco, we utilise the latest smart technology to safeguard Cornwall businesses, ensuring user-friendliness and convenience, all while maintaining fair installation fees.

Regulatory compliance often mandates regular system maintenance. Whether aligning with PD6662/EN50131 standards or seeking site risk assessment advice, we provide comprehensive support. For guidance, reference the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) for the latest British business security standards.

Wireless Alarm Systems

For Cornwall properties where discreet cable routing presents challenges, we offer advanced wireless burglar alarm system installations. These systems encompass indoor and outdoor motion sensors, safety sensors for smoke, gas, CO2, and floods, fall detectors for personal emergency response, and automated warning messages sent via phone, SMS, or email.

With straightforward installation, competitive pricing, and advanced features, wireless burglar alarm systems offer a cost-effective solution for Cornwall businesses, particularly those with smaller premises. Our reliance on these systems is evident in their widespread use across numerous Cornwall properties.

Remote Monitoring

Our monitored alarm systems are seamlessly linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), ensuring comprehensive 24/7 protection. In case of disturbance, our operators promptly alert emergency services in Cornwall. For false alarms, our skilled engineers ensure the re-protection of burglar alarm systems.

Two primary methods link alarms to the ARC:

  1. Monitoring via Existing Telephone Line: This affordable option significantly enhances protection but may be compromised if the line is cut or damaged.

  2. Dual-Path Alarm Monitoring Systems: Sophisticated options like Redcare GSM, DualCom GPRS, and Emizon provide enhanced security by connecting alarms through two different methods (e.g., telephone line + GPRS or IP), ensuring signals reach the ARC even if one path fails.