Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems Cornwall Businesses Protect Their Premises With

As a BAFE-certified fire alarm company catering to Cornwall, we take pride in our specialised team of fire protection technicians, who are extensively trained in designing, installing, and maintaining various fire systems. Discover the options between wired and wireless fire alarms on this page, selecting based on whether it’s a new installation or retrofit. Additionally, we provide Fire Extinguishers and Business Fire Alarm Repair & Maintenance services.

Fire alarm systems installed by businesses in Cornwall serve a crucial role in providing early warning of potential emergencies. Ensuring a prompt and safe evacuation during a fire is vital for safeguarding your premises. The seconds saved through early fire detection can significantly impact your business’s ability to fully recover.

Wired Fire Alarm Systems

Similar to our approach with Burglar Alarm Systems, hard-wired fire alarms are typically installed in new constructions and larger spaces undergoing renovations due to the complex building and electrical work required for wiring such systems.

Key advantages of wired systems include their ability to cover long distances, proven durability and reliability, cost-effectiveness with wired smoke detectors, and reduced annual maintenance costs. Wired fire alarm systems are suitable for large retail spaces, industrial units, offices, and hotels.

The intelligent fire detection technology we employ offers limitless capabilities, adaptable to properties of all sizes and complexities. We seamlessly integrate your fire alarm system with your existing security infrastructure, providing a comprehensive fire and security solution. This integrated approach efficiently meets your business risk requirements, ensuring the protection of company assets, staff, and visitors 24/7, 365 days a year.

Alarmco Smoke Detector with Smoke

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Preferred for smaller premises, wireless commercial fire alarm systems provide a convenient alternative to hard-wired systems, without the need for complex, labor-intensive installations. These systems fully comply with British and European Standards.

Key benefits of wireless systems include their cost-effectiveness, simple installation with no cable requirements, durable batteries with backup reserves, and flexibility for easy relocation. Suitable for small to medium retail spaces and smaller industrial units, wireless fire alarm systems ensure minimal disruption during installation, making them ideal for certain environments.

With no cabling between detectors, sounders, and call devices, the installation process minimises disruption to business premises. Leveraging advanced battery technology and intelligent parent-child device relationships, wireless fire alarm systems offer a reliable and compliant solution, ensuring complete fire protection for your business.