Burglar Alarm Systems

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Wired Alarm Systems

Securing your home is an essential investment, providing protection for your family and valuable assets. For homeowners in Cornwall and Devon, opting for wireless radio alarm technology offers a cost-effective security solution for average-sized family homes.

Recent advancements in wireless radio technology have revolutionized burglar alarm systems, providing smarter and more affordable options. The flexibility of these systems, free from internal wiring to devices, ensures easy installation without leaving unsightly holes or requiring cover-ups on walls. As a leading alarm company in Cornwall and Devon, our commitment to installation excellence is reinforced by positive customer feedback and certifications from esteemed third-party approval bodies like the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board.

Our comprehensive home security package is tailored for residents in Cornwall and Devon, with prices ranging from £395 to £700 for securing an average 2 or 3 bedroom house. This package includes professional installation, testing, and commissioning of an insurer-approved system. Additional features include:

  • Automated intruder alerts via voice call, SMS, or email
  • Safety sensors for smoke, gas, CO2, and floods
  • Indoor and outdoor motion-detecting sensors
  • Fall detectors for personal emergency response

With no monthly rental costs, homeowners own the system, though an annual maintenance inspection is recommended for continuous uptime and longevity, often required by home insurance. Our basic maintenance package starts from £65 per year, and we’re available to discuss available options.

For expert guidance and quotes on both wired and wireless systems, contact our team at Unique alarm company for Cornwall.

Wired Systems

These reliable alarm systems have stood the test of time and remain popular choices for new constructions or renovations in Cornwall. Particularly favoured in larger homes, wired systems accommodate a greater variety of detection devices.

Installation of wired systems involves intricate cable threading through walls and floors, which may result in higher costs for complex setups. At Unique Alarm Company in Cornwall, we provide guidance and quotes to help homeowners make informed decisions about their security needs.

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Opting for the latest secure wired systems ensures user-friendly functionality while maintaining fairness in burglar alarm installation costs.

Reviewing your home insurance documents is crucial, as there may be alarm system servicing stipulations. Our maintenance servicing packages are tailored to suit your needs. For more details, consult with our experts today.

Alarm Monitoring

A monitored alarm system establishes a remote connection with our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), offering complete protection 24 hours a day. When a disturbance occurs, an operator is alerted, and emergency services can be swiftly deployed. In case of a false alarm, our burglar alarm installers ensure prompt system re-protection.

Two primary methods connect an alarm to the ARC:

  • Simple Monitoring via Telephone Line: This cost-effective option significantly enhances protection. However, it’s essential to note that this system (commonly known as a Digital Communicator or Redcare Classic) may be compromised if the telephone line is cut or damaged.

  • Dual-Path Alarm Monitoring Systems: Sophisticated options like Redcare GSM, DualCom GPRS, and Emizon offer enhanced security. They connect the alarm to the ARC through two different methods, ensuring an alarm signal can still be transmitted even if one path fails.