Fire Protection Systems

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Early detection is paramount in saving lives and protecting homes from the devastating effects of fire. At Unique, ensuring the safety of homes from fire hazards is our utmost priority. As certified BAFE fire alarm installers in Cornwall, we are deeply connected with local fire authorities and rescue services, emphasizing the importance of proactive fire protection measures. With the increasing integration of technology into modern homes, the risk of fires escalates. Our meticulously installed fire protection systems, which safeguard our own homes, are equipped with intelligent heat and smoke detection sensors, providing early alerts in the event of a potential fire outbreak. Moreover, these systems can seamlessly integrate with water sprinklers, recognized as lifesaving devices during the initial stages of kitchen fires.

Monitored Fire Alarms

An indispensable aspect of fire protection systems is their monitoring capabilities. Unique collaborates with an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) directly linked to your home’s detectors. In case of a fire incident while your home is unoccupied, emergency services are promptly dispatched, and a designated key holder is immediately notified. Monitored systems offer year-round, comprehensive protection, ensuring swift emergency responses—ideal for individuals who frequently travel. For further information on monitored fire protection, consult with our knowledgeable fire and security experts. As registered BAFE fire alarm installers, we bring unparalleled expertise and specialized training to cater to your needs.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Count on our expert BAFE-certified fire alarm installers to seamlessly maintain your fire protection system. Our comprehensive Unique fire maintenance contracts encompass thorough checks for every detector and system device, meticulously documented and signed off—never merely a superficial clean. With fully equipped registered BAFE fire alarm installers at your disposal, we ensure all necessary spares and tools are readily available to minimize return visits, thereby reducing system downtime. Additionally, our maintenance package includes standard telephone support and a 24-hour emergency engineer response, guaranteeing optimal performance of your system throughout the year.

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