Door Entry Systems

Secure your family home with a smart door entry system

Burglar Alarm Systems and CCTV Camera Systems act as potent deterrents against intruders. However, their activation implies that intruders have approached your property closely enough to pose a threat. As certified access control installers, we specialize in a variety of door entry systems, primarily serving Devon and Cornwall, while extending our services as intelligent access control installers across the region. Our expertise ranges from installing basic audio intercoms in individual residences to intricate video entry systems in apartment complexes, along with fully integrated smart home security solutions featuring automated driveway gates.

By integrating electronic driveway gates with your home intercom system, you attain full control over who enters your property, whether anticipated or unexpected. These home security systems are especially suitable for properties in Devon and Cornwall that accommodate multiple vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, and other valuable assets on the driveway or in the garage.

Door Intercom Systems

Similar to the access control systems we implement for businesses, the ability to manage door entry remotely has emerged as a popular and contemporary security measure. This ensures that you only grant access to individuals you recognize or expect. Door intercom systems excel in terms of simplicity, efficacy, and affordability.

As authorized Paxton access control installers and leading manufacturers of audio and video intercom systems, we enthusiastically endorse their cost-effective and user-friendly door entry solutions. Their extensive range of intercoms enables us to customize our solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Biometric Technology

Our suppliers also offer biometric door entry systems, leveraging fingerprint technology that is increasingly gaining traction, particularly for internal doors and garage entry. These intelligent and keyless systems eliminate the need for keys or access codes. Simply register your fingerprint with the device, offering a seamless and convenient access experience.

Alarmco Paxton Door Entry

Automated Gate Systems

Having valuable vehicles parked on your driveway can leave you vulnerable to criminals armed with technology to break in and steal. Automated gates are now more accessible than ever, and we can tailor a gate system to suit your driveway, ensuring invaluable protection.

Our chosen automated gate suppliers, CAME UK, provide a comprehensive range of high-quality systems catering to various budgets. These systems seamlessly integrate with all the home security products we deploy. Whether you desire electric gates as a standalone system or part of a fully integrated access control system, we possess the expertise to assist you.

Electronic Locks

The future of modern home security has arrived. Envision managing your door locks through a secure smartphone app, seamlessly connecting with your alarm system and CCTV cameras. We’ve observed a significant surge in inquiries about these innovative door entry security systems. As one of Devon and Cornwall’s foremost access control installers, we’re delighted to discuss and explore your options for enhanced security.