Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor security LED lighting that's energy efficient too


Improving home security across Cornwall, our team delivers exceptional outdoor lighting installations. Placing motion-detecting lights strategically around homes acts as a strong deterrent against burglaries. As dedicated outdoor lighting specialists, we offer a wide range of high-quality outdoor security lighting, sourced from trusted suppliers.

Whether you require a simple lamp replacement or a comprehensive outdoor lighting system, we accommodate all inquiries. Here are the main benefits of our exterior lighting solutions:

Proven Deterrent: Effectively reduces criminal activity and trespassing. Smart Integration: Can be integrated with alert systems like mobile phones and CCTV cameras. Professional Setup: Carried out by our skilled electrical installers.

Opt for our outdoor lighting solutions to enhance the security of your home in Cornwall.

Moreover, security lighting in Cornwall prioritizes energy efficiency by utilizing low-energy lighting sources such as sodium, metal-halide, or fluorescent lighting. When combined with a motion-sensor system, these lights significantly reduce energy consumption compared to those left on all night. Additionally, various outdoor security lights can be customized to operate on solar power, resulting in no electricity costs.

For a detailed consultation about your options, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our knowledgeable outdoor lighting installers